Niantic Announces 3 New Operation Clear Field Missions

From a post on the Ingress G+ We’ve partnered with the National Park Foundation and GORUCK to bring 3 special Operation Clear Field events to you this August. Operation Clear Field will combine a service-themed scavenger hunt with competitive Ingress exploration at 3 national parks: Ocmulgee National Monument, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site, and Fort […]

New Niantic Community Manager – Dominik Schönleben

Agent NerdMeetsYou, ENL LVL 6 joins the Niantic team as the new EMEA (Europe, The Middle East, and Africa) Community Manager. He has been answering questions on the G+ post below ever since the announcement where we can learn an interesting amount of information about him. As he is only level 6 in Ingress, it […]

NL – 1331 X Coming to Cassandra Prime

New Events page for the NL-1331X that will be making an appearance in San Diego on 07-28-18 during the Cassandra Prime anomaly. There are supporter kits available but you can go for free if you do not want any of the load out cards or pins. You can register on the Events page: There is […]