Agent Academy Crashes Effingham IL FS

Effingham FS 1-4-20

This is just proof that GoonieGuy is plum crazy!  Goonie decided to drive the six hours to attend a First Saturday in Effingham IL on January 4th.  Agent Dewey J only had to go twelve miles to make the First Saturday so he was there as well.  Effingham is not a large city by any […]

What to Expect – GORUCK 2018 Ops Breakdown

Anomaly season is just around the vertex and with quite a few extra events being planned and available, we thought you might be interested in what those events entail. GORUCK posted a breakdown of each of the events and what you will need to bring with you, and what will be expected of you during […]

Cassandra Prime Registration now Open!

Registration is now open, so go get your tickets!  Agent GoonieGuy will be there with the entire Goonies pack.  Look for him to get a special BioCard only available at Cassandra Prime. There are multiple supporter kit offerings ($10, $30, $60).  You can also just get the ticket for free.  At the time of this post, […]

Ingression Heading to Camp Navarro

IndcredibIeHuIk a.k.a. Collin Williams has announced on his channel that he will be at Camp Navarro once again, and possibly live streaming if connection allows. From all the interviews, portal tours, announcements and videos on the RPE. Could we possibly get some videos about Ingress Prime?  We hope so!  Also on site, Agent @gnaggi who […]

Mission Days Update – Niantic Has Listened to Agents

We heard a lot of discussion about the change in Mission Days in a previous post, where Niantic announced they were going to lose the scanner for the events in lieu of a paper map.  The conjecture was that it was a limitation in the scanner or other means to catch spoofers.  Overwhelmingly, Agents came […]

Prime Scanner at Epiphany Night

Some agents are getting notifications about the Ingress Prime Scanner possibly making an appearance at Epiphany Night.  How the notification is worded, “Under the watchful eye of the NIA”, seems to suggest that this will be another demo type viewing such as they’ve done in the past.  We can assume that there will be plenty […]

2018 Agent Olympiad Update

Agents have been chosen for the 2018 Olympiad!  It will be held on June 23rd, 2018 and will be live streamed on NicoNicoLive, where you must have a login to watch the live stream.  You might want to go ahead and create an account to make sure you are ready to view the live stream.  […]

NL-1331e Swag Pack & Addons

I love this crap. Biocards, pins, stickers. I think it’s the marketer in me, or maybe just the hoarder. I can’t wait for NL-1331 to start making it’s way around the US again so I can partake and meet some more agents. If you are in Europe, keep an eye out for the NL-1331 schedule […]

Ingress Hotels, Official Site

Need a hotel for an anomaly?  Want the cheapest price?  Want to be in the same hotel with ENL, RES, XFAC?!  Well, Niantic has you covered with this new website.  They are working with partner, Love Eventsensuringsuring you get the best prices in town.  Head on over to and book your room when they become […]