Podcast Episodes

4: Ingress 2.0, OPR AMA, BAF and all your ideas for the game!

Talking about the OPR AMA from Andrew Krug. Multiple BAFs being thrown across 9 states and of course ideas for the game. Impressive XFAC Peru field as well. We ...

3: Five Years of Ingress

Ingress discussion about Andrew Krug’s weekly AMA, 5 year anniversary, double AP, Ideas for the game and comments by listeners.

2: Ingress just Sharded

Welcome back to the show.   We appreciate everyone telling their friends about the show and tweeting us @AgentAcademy.  This week, we’re going to be talking abo...

1: Agent Induction

It’s Halloween and we’re talking about The Broker’s Guild, EXO5, Ingress 2.0, and your calls. So, pick up your scanners, start hacking those portals and listen ...

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