Love bonus AP! And this weekend for roughly 19 hours, you will be able to earn 1.5xAP if you are not attending an anomaly.

From 04:00-23:02 UTC you will earn these rewards.

Not only that, but you can also help your faction earn up to 3 points for this anomaly series.

Niantic Labs will be taking a measurement of total MU each faction has at the start (04:00 UTC) and then again at the end of the series (23:02 UTC). The delta will decide who wins the 3 points!

As an example with very rough numbers. If at the first measurement, RES has 3 million MU and ENL has 1 million MU and then at the 2nd measurement, RES has 4 Million MU and ENL has 3 Million MU, then the delta would be RES 1 Million and ENL 2 Million, and ENL would win.


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