Each week, Niantic Labs will be posting a new decoding challenge for agents to solve. This will last for 13 weeks. 1 for each Archetype. You can see the full information on the Ingress website: https://ingress.com/decoding/13archetypes

As the weeks pass, we will post the information on how the solution was obtained for each decoding challenge.  We will also be working on a decoding page to help agents get into decoding in general. This is just another opportunity for you to help your faction. Whether there are specific challenges that move your faction forward by supplying intel during an anomaly or a future global challenge, or just to help get you and other agents more gear to supply boots on the ground day to day, there IS a reason for you to learn. And as our mission here at the Agent Academy is to Provide the information and tools to make you a better Ingress Agent, we plan on doing just that when it comes to decoding.

Stay Tuned!



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