Are you one of the best and brightest Ingress agents?  You must be if you’re a member of the Agent Academy!  So make us proud and go submit your audition for Akira Tsukasa’s Agent Olympiad.  You can find more information in the translated post below:


Agents, Mr.

Akira The experiment, “Agent Olympiad”, which will search for the best agent that started in 2017, will still continue. A new challenge will be prepared for this experiment and it will be more exciting environment than before.

This event begins in Tokyo on Saturday, June 23 and will be broadcast on Niconico live broadcast in Japanese and English.

We are seeking 30 agents (15 factions each) to challenge this experiment. Hiring conditions are as follows:

■ Posting a video audition: Please prove you are the most suitable agent for this project.
■ INGRESS agent level 8+ as of April 27 ■ Those
who can secure the date and time of 5:45 AM on Saturday, June 23 (Saturday) from 2 PM to Sunday 24 (S)
■ Those who can appear on NicoNico Live Broadcasting
■ Health There is no hindrance, I am confident in my strength
■ Age 20 years old and over
■ Understanding the content of the video audition details: Those

who can agree to the above conditions are from this form Please apply:


In 2017, distinguished XM researcher Akira Tsukasa launched Agent Olympiad, a secret project to seek the best and brightest of Agents. This project makes its return this year with new challenges that will undoubtedly push any Agent to their boundaries.

This event will be held Saturday, June 23th, 2018. Agents will gather in Tokyo, Japan and the event will be broadcast live in English & Japanese via live-streaming from Niconico.

This project is seeking 30 outstanding Agents (15 per faction) to challenge the unknown. In order to contend:

– You must submit a video audition to prove that you are a truly outstanding Agent – an ideal candidate for this project – and ready to take on a challenge like no other.
– You must a Level 8 or higher Ingress Agent.
– You must be in good health and able to endure rigorous physical challenges.
– You must be above the age of 20 to participate.
– You have read and understood the terms and conditions at:

If you meet the above criteria, submit an audition video using this form:

It’s time to move.

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