What a way to celebrate 100M AP! Agent NinthAnt is going to light up Vancouver with Toast Beacons! Gaining AP at 500 AP for each beacon deployed, it may take a bit to level to 8, but it should be an amazing sight to see. You may be thinking, WOW, that’s a lot of money going down the drain, but NinthAnt is also donating money to Eastside Women’s Shelter for everyone agent that pings @NinthAnt in comms. At $10 a pop, that should be a healthy donation, so go comm bomb agent ninthant right now!

Below is the FAQ about the operation:

Operation Pay To Win: Toast the Town FAQ

What is happening?

NinthAnt is recursing and plans to level from 1-8 purely using Toast beacons which come with 500 AP per beacon.

Why would anyone do that?

To celebrate reaching 100M AP, to do something unusual and fun, to thank Niantic for this wonderful game, and for the sheer ridiculousness of it. Kind of like climbing Everest — because it’s there — but with less freezing to death on a mountain and more toast.

How many beacons will it take?

That’ll be 2400 pieces of portal toast.

That’s an waste of money, surely you could have spent it on something better?

Yes indeed! As part of this event for each agent who pings @NinthAnt in comms he will donate $10 to the Downtown Eastside Women’s Shelter. That’s right, you can literally write “well it looks like @NinthAnt has gone insane” in a video game chat and it will help people in need.

How long with this take?

No idea. Probably a while.

What about the bug where beacons sometimes stay permanently lit?

Sorry in advance, Vancouver.

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