Registration is now open, so go get your tickets!  Agent GoonieGuy will be there with the entire Goonies pack.  Look for him to get a special BioCard only available at Cassandra Prime.

There are multiple supporter kit offerings ($10, $30, $60).  You can also just get the ticket for free.  At the time of this post, the pictures for the swag were not posted, but the items are.  The announcement is below.

28-Jul-2018 San Diego, CA, USA More Info
28-Jul-2018 Sapporo, Japan More Info
28-Jul-2018 Warsaw, Poland More Info
28-Jul-2018 Boston, MA, USA More Info
28-Jul-2018 Malé, Maldives More Info
28-Jul-2018 Marseille, France More Info

Also, you can get your Agent Academy Prime Tour t-shirts now as well. They print every 3 days, so get one and show your pride during the upcoming anomaly season!

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