Didact Field Challenge Starts 2-14-20

Agent Dewey J

Agent Dewey J

Starting Valentine’s Day, Feb 14 at 19:00 UTC to Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC, a global challenge will be issued to all Ingress agents to defeat Didact.

During the global challenge window :

2X drop rate of ADA Refactor
2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus
2X AP for resonator destroyed
2X AP for link destroyed
2X AP for field destroyed

A Didact Field Challenge medal will be awarded to agents who accomplish the following milestones during the global challenge window:

Bronze: 100 fields created
Silver: 300 fields created
Gold: 800 fields created

Agents can also track their progress via a Didact: Control Fields Created stat on their agent profiles. Additionally, a temporary Didact loadout kit (8,000 CMU) will soon become available on the in-app Store with L1 Resonator x200, Common Heat Sink x8, SoftBank Ultra Link x3

This month, there are two global challenge goal tiers:

1. BASE: 5,500,000 control fields established
2. STRETCH: 8,000,000 control fields established

Successfully defeating Didact by meeting either the BASE or STRETCH goals by Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC will result in the continuation of the following modifications:

BASE: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC

STRETCH: 2X drop rate of ADA Refactor; 2X drop rate of JARVIS Virus; 2X AP for resonator destroyed; 2X AP for link destroyed; 2X AP for field destroyed continues to Mar 2 at 19:00 UTC

Failure to defeat Didact will result in the temporary drop rate and AP exploit ending on Feb 24 at 19:00 UTC upon termination of the global challenge. Please note that failing to secure the global challenge will not affect Didact medal achievements already awarded to agents during the challenge window.

Status updates with progress towards the global challenge BASE and STRETCH goals will be posted daily in the community forum starting Mon, Feb 17.

Good luck, agents. We are all counting on you.

Source: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/9174/didact-field-challenge-feb-14-24-2020

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