Originally the Ingress Anime was supposed to be released at the same time as Ingress 2.0, the Prime Scanner. Almost sounds like a movie. And then, things got really confusing after the announcement that Prime would be held off until November. When the Anime was released in Japan, Agents in other parts of the world were confused when it wasn’t released as previously announced.

There really wasn’t an explanation. Just speculation.

Well now with the tweet from Netflix on the November release schedule, things are making more sense.

With the release of “Ingress: The Animation” slated for November 23rd, we can surmise that Prime will be released as well. Is that a stretch? Let us know. We will be talking about this on the next podcast episode!

Dates are lining up to possibly double AP from the finale of the Recursion Prime Anomaly or possibly the start of it, then a week later, dropping prime in the middle as well as the Anime.

Maybe I’ll win the contest!  Below is the tweet with the Netflix schedule.

//Agent GoonieGuy

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