We mentioned that this was coming soon on episode 52 of the Agent Academy Podcast, but today, it’s official.  Niantic has announced 2 sets of anomalies, which Andrew Krug has confirmed are different series. So far, Only 2 dates have been announced with no designation on whether a site is a primary or satellite location. The dates so far are July 27th and October 12th.  We are still waiting for word on whether there will be more locations and if any of these are considered “Primary” locations.

Registration will be ready no later than June.

July 27
Brasília, Brazil
Madison, WI, USA
Montreal, Canada
Bandung, Indonesia
Busan, Korea
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Helsinki, Finland
Kaunas, Lithuania
Lyon, France

October 12
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Sacramento, CA, USA
Guadalajara, Mexico
Taoyuan, Taiwan
Newcastle, Queensland, Australia
Sabah, Malaysia
Dresden, Germany
Antwerpen, Belgium
Gothenburg, Sweden

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