Ingress has released a feature into Ingress Prime that I believe many agents have been waiting for. It is also another item checked off of the feature parity list. Portal Nominations!

You can now find the portal nominations button by clicking on the center menu button. You will then find the “Nominations” button on the right side between settings and missions.

How to submit a portal candidate for Ingress, Pokemon Go, and Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite:

First you will pick the location of the submission. On this screen, you will also be able to see how many nominations you have available to submit.

Confirm the location and you will move to a screen with some information on what makes a good photo for a Portal submission.

Click “Next” to where you can take a photo. Take the photo, and confirm the photo.

You will then have a screen letting you see the Portal Photo and have the option to retake or use photo.

Then you will have a new options of taking a surrounding photo that is just to support your candidate. Step back and take a photo with supporting buildings in the area to help OPR reviewers do their job better.

Next, enter in a unique detailed title, and go to the next page where you can enter in the description for the portal.

After this, you will get a page with all your current data for you to confirm.

But that’s not the end. There is now a new field for supporting information. Tell OPR why this portal should be a portal. This information will not appear in the final description, so make your case. The more supporting information you can put in here, the better chance a viable portal submission will get accepted.

Finally, hit submit and begin waiting. You will get an email that confirms your submission to OPR.

Good Work, Agent.

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