Niantic announced in a new Ingress Prime Insights post that they have indeed figured out a way to add the capsule renaming feature before the server upgrade. It appears the smart engineers who were working on the agent tutorial are utilizing tech from that feature to be able to get the capsule renaming added to your scanner in Ingress.

Renaming Capsules will include all types of capsules, but will only be seen by the agent who renames them and if you drop a capsule, the name will go away after a week or so. I would assume clearing the app cache might do this as well if they are using client side databases to store that information. It will be interesting to see how it works, and we can expect it to be released in just a week or two if they keep to the 2 week sprints.

What will you be renaming your capsules? Will it be for utility or for fun? Maybe call your key capsule full of keys, Piano Man? or your Quantum Capsule full of bursters, Arnold Schwarzenegger? Or maybe you’ll just go with exactly what you are putting into them?

Do you think they should add new functionality like being able to set your capsule to autonaming based off what is in them? Like how on iOS if you make a folder that has a bunch of apps to view streaming TV, it may call it entertainment.

Below is the official announcement which you can see on their Facebook page as well:


We’re very excited to bring to you one of the top Agent requests: Capsule Renaming! Starting with Ingress Prime version 2.18 you can give a custom name to your Capsules, Quantum Capsules, and Key Lockers.

We know inventory management is crucial to your Ingress experience and hope this update helps you feel more in control of your items.

So how were we able to accomplish this feature in advance of completing our new server? While working on the Ingress Prime new Agent tutorial some of our engineers realized there was a clever way to execute Capsule Renaming while the new server is still in progress. To implement this they repurposed a server-side feature developed for the Agent tutorial in order to enable Capsule Renaming. The client-side work became relatively straightforward thanks to the new infrastructure provided by Ingress Prime.

What do you need to know about Capsule Renaming?

Capsule names are exclusive to you. This means that other Agents aren’t able to see custom capsule names even if you drop the named capsule. The custom capsule name will be visible throughout your Scanner. This includes when it’s in your inventory, or even if you drop it. The name will even persist for about a week – so if another Agent picks it up and returns it to you within that time frame, you’ll see the name you originally set. Named capsules will be sorted alphanumerically, and Key Lockers will be shown separately for easier access.

We look forward to your feedback, happy renaming!
– The Ingress Team

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