Nianticlabs is trying to keep Ingress Prime on a 2 week sprint update cycle and here’s what you can expect in the latest update, v. 2.16.2

Ingress Prime
Release Notes
v. 2.16

WHAT’S NEW IN 2.16.2?

Performance: Changed the technical way XM is displayed, distributed, and collected. Agents should now see XM more prominently displayed and always visible
Performance: General enhancements and tweaks
Performance: Improved XMP and Ultra Strike attack speeds
Bug: Cleaned up warnings for unused items
Bug: Fixed team color not correctly getting set
Bug: Fixed an overlapping UI issue with the item carousel.
Bug: Fixed layout issue on tall devices not extending to the bottom of screen
Bug: Fixed Comm layout after keyboard is closed
Bug: Fixed an issue related to mentioning players in Comm
Bug: Fixed an issue with sent Comm messages not showing immediately
Bug: Addressed haptic feedback issues
Bug: Lowered the messages and UI elements that were being obscured by screen notches (e.g. Capsule management, Mission badge menu, various text boxes, etc.)
UX: Small change to the interaction with the UI while scrolling through the link carousel to address random scrolling.
UX: Implemented visual changes to reflect Portal health

Portal Nominations (estimated release TBD)
Regional Scoring (estimated release TBD)
Tap disambiguation (estimated release 2.18)
Continued Bug Fixes

To see a list of known issues go here:

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