Andrew Krug, The Global Community Manager for Ingress has released the answers from this month’s AMA. You can read the full list here:

Here are a few we found Interesting:

Q6: Brent Hollett (Perringaiden) – Ingress Prime is out in October according to +John Hanke. Do you have a timeframe on Prime Beta for Agents such as those from Navarro?
A6: People will start to receive invites to the first phase of the Prime Beta by the end of July/beginning of August.

Q21: Jacknif Enlightened – Will the anime follow the same timeline and/or extend it ?
A21: Following Epiphany Night, it has become increasingly clear that XM exists in many universes, and that the XM may in fact be one of the forces connecting these universe to each other. It’s unclear if the events portrayed in the anime directly take place in this universe, but it has been proposed by some high ranking research officers that events in our world could shape it — and indeed may already have.

Q29: Sebastien H. (Khatre) – Hello, did you had time to test if we still can skip link and field animation on prime ? 🙂
A29: I did try this. Unfortunately, or not, the animation was too fast so I could not test if skipping was an option. Each time I did it the link appeared near instantaneously. I don’t know if this is the intended mechanic or not though.

Q36: Tobias Hengst – Another question. Although a lot of people don’t know this, there is actually a backstory in Ingress. However investigators are starving from no content or PAC posts. I know you guys are working hard on Prime and probably the anime, but we don’t even know anything about the next anomalies except that apparently Carrie Campbell is back and that we somehow get her journal. Do you think you can get PAC back to posting? Essex is sadly falling apart with lots of people leaving. Greetings 👋
A36: Our intelligence indicates that Carrie Campbell (TS-OSIRIS), Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (TS-OSIRIS) and Hank Johnson (TS-1218) are en-route to a number of upcoming XM Anomalies. This information supports the theory that a transition is taking place, and our current space-time location is within a gradient between multiple universes. It’s unclear what intelligence these individuals have gained access to that is leading them to their destinations, or how they intend to leverage this transitional timeframe, but it is possible information may emerge into the public eye which sheds light on this.

Q37: Josh Montano – Hello Andrew! First time submitting a question for the Q&A AMA. Can there be a possibility of submitting an extra photo along the portal submission photo for inside locations? For example, a panoramic photo for portal submissions inside businesses or restaurants so that people can see that the portal is located inside the building?
A37: The OPR Team has said this is something currently under development.

Q70: Matt W – I remember in past AMAs they are revamping First Saturdays any word on this?
A70: I plan to solicit the players in a couple weeks about this very topic and selecting a few players to have a conversation with about it as well for deeper feedback. The goal is to gather the feedback by the end of August and start formulating a plan for the future.


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