In an announcement on the Ingress G+ page, Niantic says they are removing certain items from the new bundles on the store, such as Aegis and Level 7 and 8 items. You can read the full post below, and be sure to tune into the Agent Academy Podcast to hear our views on the subject.

Thank you for sharing your feedback about Ingress Prime with us. Our goal with Ingress is to have people explore the world around them and to interact with unique and interesting points of interest in the game via Portals. Purchased items should compliment this goal and not impact the game in a negative way.

Your input regarding the new in-app store item bundles has been valuable. As a result of your suggestions, we are going to make some changes to what is currently offered within the in-app store starting on Wednesday and add new item bundles as well. As Ingress continues to evolve with the release of Ingress Prime, we want to ensure its long-term success so we can celebrate future adventures together.

Based on your feedback, we will no longer be selling items like Aegis Shields or Very Rare Portal Shields in the current item bundles. In addition, the current item bundles will no longer contain Level 7 and 8 items. As before, limited Anomaly kits or special events may vary from this.

We will also monitor in-app store sales and consider options such as imposing a limit on the number of purchases an Agent can make per month to not affect gameplay significantly. Going forward, we will continue to explore ways to bring unique items and item bundles to players through our in-app store. Your feedback is important to us as we work to improve Ingress Prime In a way that makes Ingress better for all players.

We have many ideas about upcoming features post-parity, but those are dependent on the in-progress server update. What we do until then will require some time and thought, hopefully with the continued input and help from our Agents. Again, thank you for your feedback and continued support of Ingress and now Ingress Prime.

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