Niantic has released information on the NL-1331 / November Lima Summer tour, with dates, readiness kit information and how to gain the Ingress badge in the scanner.

Tour Dates:

source: NL1331 G+

We are happy to announce the the official tour dates For #NL1331EU this summer!
Stay tuned for event pages and more announcements soon. We will also start the process of identifying POCs for each area immediately!

25-May-2018 Kastle Kaltenberg
26-May-26-2018 Kastle Kaltenberg
27-May-27-2018 Kastle Kaltenberg
30-May-30-2018 Prague, Czech Republic
31-May-31-2018 Krakow, Poland
2-June-2018 Lviv, Ukraine
4-June-2018 Kyiv, Ukraine
6-June-2018 Chisinau, Moldova
8-June-2018 Bucharest, Romania
10-June-2018 Sofia, Bulgaria
12-June-2018 Budapest, Hungary
13-June-2018 Vienna, Austria
15-June-2018 Florence, Italy
17-June-2018 Milan, Italy
19-June-2018 Zurich, Switzerland
22-June-2018 Lyon, France
25-June-2018 Barcelona, Spain
27-June-2018 Valencia, Spain
29-June-2018 Madrid, Spain
1-July-2018 Toulouse, France
4-July-2018 Paris, France
6-July-2018 London, England
8-July-2018 Ghent, Belgium
11-July-2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
12-July-2018 Deventer, Netherlands
14-July-2018 Cologne, Germany  **UPDATED**
16-July-2018 Frankfurt, Germany **UPDATED**
18-July-2018 Munich, Germany
20-July-2018 Berlin, Germany
21-July-2018 Hamburg, Germany

You can register from the EVENTS page where they have information on the readiness kit.

Readiness kit information

source: registration page

For 2018 we will be moving over to a tiered NL-1331 badge. This will work like anomaly badges where you must register for the event and hack the registration portal (during the event time only). You do not have to purchase anything to receive this badge but you must check in using either a free or paid ticket and having entered each ticket with a valid agent name. then you must Hack the NL-1331 (registration portal). If you are ordering for a family or group please include agent name of every person you want to get the onsite tiered badge.

Kit Details

Continuing the NL-1331 pin series:  we will introduce a new collectible enamel wing/country flag pin for every country NL-1331 has an event in. These will only be available in that countries particular kit and in extremely limited amounts.

  • 2018 country flag/wing pin (500 made for Kazakhstan)
  • 2017 NL1331 Asia badge (scanner push to every unique agent name who purchased a paid kit)
  •  2016 Devra Character badge
  • Tour specific collectible NL-1331 commemorative card
  • Mobile command center patch
  • Rare load out card including the new Quantum capsule and Aegis shield

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