Announced on their Facebook page, Niantic has now added Portal Nominations aka Portal Submissions to Ingress Prime. They will be starting with a few countries and then later adding to the rest. One more feature parity item getting marked off the list!

With this addition there are some welcome changes, such as being able to add supporting photos to your nomination as well as instead of asking for a description, asking for why this should be a portal. The intent is that it will better inform OPR on why the submission should be approved.

Full announcement below:

Portal Nominations have come to Ingress Prime.

Formerly known as Portal Submissions, Portal Nominations allow Agents around the world to suggest new Portals to be reviewed in Operation Portal Recon (OPR). The feature will be familiar to Agents who have already contributed to the Portal Network. It now includes the addition of a second image, which is used to show the surrounding area. This will help reviewers determine whether the Portal location is safe and accessible, and if there is enough space for multiple Agents to be there together.

Portal Nominations is a big milestone for our team as we finish the last major outstanding parity features in Ingress Prime. Following Portal Nominations will be the addition of Edits and Reporting.

Nominations also help us deliver on one of Niantic’s core principals: exploration. Thanks to the hard work of Agents, we’ve been able to introduce thousands of new Points of Interest (POIs) to Ingress and the growing family of Niantic games. While the map may be the foundation of our games at Niantic, it is the locations that make the experience personal and real. Whether you are discovering something new in your neighborhood or on the other side of the globe, none of it would be possible without the dedication of Ingress Agents.

– The Ingress Team

Note: Portal Nominations will rollout in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and South Korea to start. After ensuring everything is working as we expect, we plan to enable the feature globally.

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