After a tough fight from both factions, the Resistance are victorious in Chicago, bringing home the win for Abaddon Prime.

With the win, there will be a special anomaly badge for resistance, as well as a new glyph, Osiris.

The finals score:

RES 184.01 – ENL 180.99

It all appears to have come down to the Unique Portal Hacks, which was the only category where winner takes all points for the category, and the Resistance recognized that and built their strategy around it, using tour buses to bus agents around the play-box. Rumors suggest they were taking Hank Johnson in and out of the play-box as well creating more media for Resistance agents as well.

The Enlightened completely dominated the play-box the entire duration of the anomaly. From portal control, which even the use of the Darsana Lense only gained the Resistance a brief gain in points for that part of the anomaly. To shard battle, where again The Enlightened dominated the entire series.

The Artifact collection was very close with a 43.40 (ENL) – 56.60 (RES), which is attributed to the movement of Hank Johnson gaining Resistance more media.

The strategy and tactics from the Resistance created a victory where looking at the field of play, it appeared the the Enlightened dominated the entire field. Some resistance agents even left early, thinking there was no way they could have won.

On the flip side, one ENL agent commented on how it was demoralizing to spend all day running around the box while RES agents were partying it up in air conditioned buses getting an easy win.

Take heart Agents. It was a hard fought, incredibly close, strategic battle. You should all be proud. I know I am proud of how my team performed, and the heart they showed throughout the entire weekend.

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