H. Richard Loeb (P.A Chapeau) has posted a few hints about upcoming tessera drops.
On 2-11 he posted:
“Truthseekers: Finally, I’m able to announce the next drop for Round 7. As hinted during Stuart Lightner’s appearance in Utah, USA, the broad location points to Taiwan ( IlhaLDFormosa ). We’ve seen a prelude of this clue on Januslaboratorium before. Now, there appears to be a change of drop location due to precautious concerns. Where this retrieval event was originally planned to take place we probably may never know. This clue also provides us with a hint for the passphrase. I will keep you updated with the specific time of day and other details to look out for as soon as I find out more.”

He updated that on 2-12-20 with:
“This Tessera will be 2 points. Deploy time: 11:30 AM Local time.”

In another post on 2-13-20 he added:
“Truthseeker: We have several Live Drops coming in by the end of February. This Tessera will be in one of the Perpetua Hexathlon cities in the Western Hemisphere. I’m just going to leave it at that for now. Stay tuned.”

So heads up if you are in:

Might be a good excuse to take a trip.

DON’T BE A GOONIE! – If you find a tessera post the discovery! – See you in the field.


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