43: KO LAN or BUST!



KO LAN is all the rage this week, so be sure to check out youtube and search for #KOLANREADY to find all the videos from the Ingress Agents who are competing to go!

Today on the show :  

  • Andrew Krug says to watch social media for some exciting news
  • AMA will be released a bit late this month due to holidays
  • Ingress OPR – UPGRADES
  • January FS medals pushed for January
  • Upcoming Events:
    • NL-1331 will be making 8 stops in Australia & New Zealand in February. Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. 
    • #GlyphChallenge – LIBERATE on the 19th & 20th (Opposite of capture, the question mark, the sickle)
    • Darsana Prime coming up next month on Feb 23rd. GG will be heading to New Orleans.  
    • #FS February 2nd
    • AR at the museum, Jan 25th, Macon Georgia
    • GoonieGuy edits Ex Machina Ko Lan Videos (See Media Acquired)

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Submit your own idea for Ingress

  • Agent Sjamana: An EMP an electric impulse that functions as a double Shield for 24 hours
  • Agent PiPrime from TS-MORPHEUS (we just added their link to the website): Hey guys, Agent Pi from Germany here. Despite what many people think, Ingress actually has a backstory and there are agents who enjoy it. Seriously, crazy, right? 😉 Right now when you play the tutorial with Prime there are a few lines from both ADA and Jarvis to set the tone. How cool would it be to record a few lines before an anomaly, update the game with it and, depending on what happens during the anomaly, normal gameplay is “interrupted” with a message from them? For example, during the afterparty, ADA suddenly speaks from every scanner like “Well done agents,  what you have done today will shape our future.” or something like that? Kind of like the live events that happen in Fortnite from time to time. I hope that made sense
  • Agent ArcticRebel:  A tip for new Ingress Players or Rural Ingress players. Now that Quantum capsules are not duplicating very rare gear, think about putting level 8 resonators, level 8 power cubes, and level 8 ultra strikes in them instead. Also, remember the only items you can get from a level 8 portal that you can not get from a level 7 are level 8 power cubes and level 8 ultra strikes. Find two teammates and farm those level 7s!!!
  • Agent Dewey J: Chain Linker
    When used it starts with a portal in range, then it asks for a key to a remote portal it makes that link and then it asks for another key and if that portal is linkable it links to it and asks for a third key,  and so on and so on. The number of links possible is determined by the link range of the portal that you started with. It adds up each link distance as they are added and as long as the total does not exceed the link range of the first portal it tries to keep going. This might be better as a VERY rare item or maybe even a prototype item.  (Another idea here) I suggest prototype items have a limited shelf life sort of like a shard. They may only hold up for a cycle before they degrade away. Making the chain linker a prototype will help game balance and prevent planning ops with a bunch of chain linkers.
    Say hi to everyone – I will unfortunately be at work during the 1-7-19 podcast.  Catch you later

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