Tonight on the Agent Academy we are talking all about Ingress anomalies. We are joined by POC’s Agent Tomogram from New Orleans, Agent Lawgeek07 and Agent darknyght00 from Minneapolis.

We learn about some of the behind the scenes of what goes on to get an Anomaly event setup and what agents can expect to do when attending an Ingress anomaly.

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What is an Anomaly?

An XM Anomaly or simply Anomaly is one official storyline event run by Niantic itself that takes place across many countries and several weeks. At each event, which generally lasts four hours, agents of both factions compete to accomplish various objectives on top of normal Ingress gameplay. The faction who scores the most total points across every event in the series wins the Anomaly, and the Ingress storyline changes to reflect their victory.

Anomaly events are heavily publicized in advance and attract thousands of agents across both factions. During the event, which generally lasts four hours, agents compete to capture designated portals, complete special fields, control specific areas, crack codes, and outplay opponents in other challenges. Agents set rigorous battle plans, bring top-quality items, and travel long distances, making an Anomaly the highest-level gameplay experience.

The events themselves can be classified as Primary or Satellite events. Primary events, held in easily-accessible major cities with dense clusters of portals, have the most objectives, the highest attendance, the most brutal competition, and sponsored challenges. Niantic attends every Primary event, complete with the NL-1331 and Suzanna Moyer herself. Although the Satellite events are smaller in scope and scale, the competition is just as brutal and their outcomes have swung the entire Anomaly series.

The first major Anomaly was #13MAGNUS, which started on 12 October 2013 in New York City and concluded at 14 December 2013. Since then, six additional anomalies have taken place, each involving tens of thousands of agents and leaving permanent marks on the Ingress canon.


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