62: Myriad Recap w/ Special Guest Host, Resistance Agent DeweyJ



Today on the show:

A: Our Events Team informs me that the first Field Test event will most likely be in September, with more information (including city application instructions) in July.

  • Ingress Prime v. 2.27 – UI Update
  • Ingress Prime v. 2.27.3 – Fixed waypoint portals selection issue: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/2676/ingress-prime-v-2-27-3-release-notes#latest
  • Ingress Prime v. 2.28, v.2.29 – Will be in a couple of weeks: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/2777/update-on-2-28-release#latest
  • Upcoming Changes to Policy Enforcement

    • Strike 1 – Warning
    • Strike 2 – Suspension
    • Strike 3 – Termination
    • Access to Scanner [Redacted] will be disabled for all 3
    • Some violations may require immediate account termination
  • Scanner [Recacted] was down on July 19th. Nemesis says they are the cause:
  • Some older players say they will go out with Redacted – low graphics version
  • New Glyphs
    • Nemesis
    • Key
    • Shield
    • Star
    • Link
    • Field
  • Brian Rose (@brianrose) returns to @NianticLabs as senior producer for @Ingress:
  • Myriad goes to ENL, 5-3
    • No Mission Control for start of anomaly – hack 13 portals during the anomaly instead of registration.  This cuts WAY down on cross faction contacts (Simon Sez on the street) – just see opposing faction in the box / group pic / scores announcement
    • Split box – University / Capital – dead zone between
    • Rules like Chicago – 9 measurements – 3 simultaneous games
      • 100 points split between teams for most shards that jumped to a research node (target) in a measurement – linking into a research portal and keeping it alive on the portal while it is there
      • 100 points split between the teams for longest “link snake or link length” – from anchor to portals in a row.  Sore was link length times number of links. Last links end up worth more.
      • 40 points – all or nothing for most unique portal hacks.  – Throw out top and bottom 15% of your faction number of UPH – then AVERAGE what is left. – Need ALL agents getting LOTS of hacks to up the average. Total number of agents does not have a big effect here – are ALL your agents getting hacks?
    • GENERAL ownership of the portals in the box does not mean much – strategic ownership and strategic attacking of research node (shards) portals and links portals / bases for link snake
    • Recharge rooms – if responsive – can make a big difference keeping research nodes and link snake portals alive old volatile portals
    • Ruck the box – new? – agents with a weighted backpack / rucksack on the march in the playbox for the entire anomaly time (Or until they hit their distance).  I think min distance was 6K – many went over.
      • Can have a BIG effect on Unique Portal Hacks
      • Out of the top 102 UPH only 25 were ENL.  (#1 was ENL – but you throw out the top and bottom 15%!)   
  • Niantic Shop reopens with Myriad Swag. New tabs for Niantic Gear & Pokemon Go Gear: https://shop-niantic.com/

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