64: Aurora Global Hack Challenge, RES MI Event, Ingress News and New RES Host Joins the show



Today on the show:

  • Global Hack Challenge
    • Infographic & Timer
  • Prime update – The contrast slider is here! (IOS only?)
  • TG Ingress Updates discussion – 360 agents and Andrew Krug in the chat when it opened up
    • Fast and furious – like a live AMA for Andrew
    • In a month they may be starting up Beta Tester program again
    • Redacted scanner is on borrowed time. 
      • The software it was written with can’t be updated and is no longer supported.
      • Google and Apple want it gone – they are the ones pushing it’s removal.  (Krug)
      • The app stores see it as an issue and will force all apps using that software to design apps to be removed from their stores.
    • Prime updates about twice a week.  Player feedback influences the updates.  Working hard on stability
  • Bans were throughout all of Niantic’s games, including Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
    • 22,000 Ingress Bans
    • 500,000 Pokemon & Wizards Unit Bans!
      • Local Pokemon purest had not heard of bans for local agents – Getting bots and spoofers as expected? – Poke spoofers to get Poke only available in certain places around the world.
  • OP SEC RESTRICTED NEWS – “There is a res only event called mi prime but it’s purpose is mysterious. “
    • Directed by the mysterious operators to state it just that way.
    • For more info RES ONLY agents can contact DeweyJ directly
    • It will be posted in the Not So Super Secret Restricted Resistance ONLY section of the Agent Academy Podcast website.  (Once it is fixed and no peeking Goonie!) 
  • PRICES GOING UP and new stuff in the Store!
    • Fracker prices DOUBLED – (4,800 from 2,400 for one fracker)
    • Aurora Bundle
      • 10 Heat Sinks
      • 10 Common Multi Hacks
      • 1 Nemesis Beacon
  •  Devra Bogdanovich Facebook Live Stream from the NIA facility (1 hour on 8-13)  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWaiputsJ6o
    • LOTS of story line stuff
    • Recent actions and deaths of the researchers were simulacra.  Now back in their body with those memories as well thanks to Calvin.  Trapped in a NIA facility (bubble – pocket universe?). Nemesis has not broken in yet – but there was an alert @ the end of the broadcast and a strange person seen on camera so . . 
    • HINTS of Nemesis compromising the Redacted scanner.  So will it be Nemesis that kills of Redacted? (Not NIA’s fault!)
    • HInts – We need to help them escape that dimension AND defeat Nemesis
    • Trapped researchers probably will not be able to reach their Telegram accounts so Nemesis may be spoofing as researchers and putting disinformation there
  • Niantic has selected the winners of the first Ingress First Saturday Artwork Competition for September, October, and November this year.
    • Winners were from Germany, Japan and Finland


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