65: New Ingress Vanguards chosen, Ingress Prime Updates, Field Test Hexathlon and MORE!



Today on the show:

  • Website – we haven’t had time to add news lately. Not sure that will change till after september. 
  • New Vanguards have been notified. There are 19 new ones to round out those who have been retired. We’ll hear about who they are later.
  • Big UI overhaul coming in 2.31 – Portal Edits, navigation
    • Fields back at ground level?  To improve visibility?
    • Andrew said they are working on the dialog box and visibility stuff for the next update.
  • Stat sharing will be in before Oct. 1st
  • 2.30 has started to rollout so people can go download it: http://bit.ly/prime-2-30-2
    • Noticeable speed improvement to logging in (just d/l and logged in to see events feature and i had to close it down and restart because i was shocked at the speed.  ~10 seconds, down from 16-20 for me)
    • Events button located at the bottom of the  side bar buttons (settings, scores, nominations, missions, store, events)
    • Fixed hanging animation when recharging or in remote view on a contested portal
    • XM is now purplish
    • Chat messages now save if you cancel and reopen chat 
  • Redacted retired on Sep. 30.
    •  Ingress version 2.31 will be the last before Redacted is retired
    • Player rebellion?  TG names with (retired 9-30) on the end of them.
  • Aurora Glyph Hack Challenge FAIL
    • The final result is  17,806,465 Target was 36,000,000
    • Until September 4 you get 33 % less Hackoutput during Glyphhacks.
  • Mudia drops – Stein Lightman Dispatch – cut into 6 parts.  All together they say?
  • Pokemon Go becomes Pokemon No as games biz Niantic agrees to curb trespassing addicts (The Register)
    • 4 plaintifs get $1,000 each – Lawyers get $4 Million total!
    • Niantic has agreed to set up a website and online reporting system for people annoyed by blundering gamers on their land and has said it will resolve 95 per cent of complaints within 15 days.
    • NIA removed “Pokestops” close to single-family houses, and has said it will not place new ones close to such houses. 
    • It will also add warnings to the game telling players to be aware of their surroundings, and will follow the hours of public parks.
  • AMA answers are out: http://bit.ly/AUGAMA2019
    • Next AMA OCT 7th
  •  Field Tests: Hexathlon – http://bit.ly/Hexathlon
    • “Unofficial” badges were released – Fake News!
    • Individual Challenges
    • 30 mins to check in
    • 90 mins to complete six individual challenges
    • Agents who complete all six challenges will get a badge
    • Top 10% for their city for ANY CHALLENGE will receive the elite version of the Hexathlon medal
    • You will need to register, and registration pages will be coming soon(possibly in scanner?)
  • GORUCK announces they will be a part of the Umbra anomalies (stealth ops, operation: clear field and ruck the box events)
  • Lighting Dynamics setting was added in 2.29.2.  You can find it under the main menu settings.


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