67: Ingress subscriptions, Seven year event, Catan World Explorers and much more!



Today on the show:

  • NianticBrian says they are working on subscription, but until they got that set up, wondered if agents would like a monthly bundle that comes with a medal that increments (but not up to an onyx medal) – https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/6413/subscriptions-in-ingress#latest
  • Andrew Krug opened up Nov. AMA: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/6495/november-2019-ingress-ama-question-thread/
  • Ingress Year Seven to start on Friday, November 15th. https://redd.it/doye9g
  • Trusted Reporter v2.0 has been in beta testing – Krug says it’s going well but need to work on an issue which means it will mostly likely be announced next week.
  • Agent Warning – Unlinking an account linked to Google & Facebook could cause issues – one account lost
  • World L6 HFC –  6 LAYER HOMOGENEOUS FIELD (An nth degree homogeneous field is a field that contains n layers in it, but – that’s the important part – across the whole of its surface. Not more or fewer layers in any given spot.) (http://bit.ly/WorldL6HFC )
  • Wayfarer (https://wayfarer.nianticlabs.com/) – open to Pokemon players soon? – Niantic Wayfarer review permissions were accidentally made globally available to Pokémon GO players during a maintenance update. This access has been reverted. Thanks for your understanding as we navigate this beta period. We look forward to bringing access to more Trainers soon. – Niantic Support Oct. 25th
  • Glyph Hacking Issue? – Reports of glyph hack – watch the sequence and it just exits you.  Dewey experienced this a couple of times yesterday – chalked it up to cold fingers and low cell service – maybe not
  • Catan World Explorers – https://catanworldexplorers.com/ – Started as a German board game – world builder / strategy game – Sometimes just called settlers – NOTE – The Tesselation looks a lot like a Catan board


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