77: Hexathlon Turn Out, iSpoofer Neutralized, Women of Ingress and the Latest Ingress Update 2.41.4



Today on the show:

  • Hexathlon
  • iSpoofer is finding it hard to spoof location for Ingress and Pokemon – that is a good thing!
    • Top of the page it states “It’s not safe to use iSpoofer for PC to spoof POGO, Ingress, and Wizards Unite.” (Good job Niantic!)
  • Women of Ingress celebrating Women History Month
    • #WomenofIngress on social media
  • Ingress 2.41.4 Release Notes
    • Feature: Added Portal Scanning
    • UI: Updated – Boosts category icon in inventory carousel to support new Boosts (note: these are things like Beacons and Frackers)
    • Bugfix: store sync error on startup, portals appearing faded or dim, off-center mission waypoint descriptions
    • Known issues: selecting or deselecting the settings menu checkboxes may initially appear not to have saved, but it is saved when you exit and restart ingress.
    • Release was paused due to missing translations
    • Unannounced Items:
      • Agent misterioso70 reported that glyph hacking is missing some sound files.
      • Agent Hydraulinski reported that if ambient sound is above 0% it shuts down effects sounds.
      • Agent Rostwold reported that the bug marked as fixed, “insufficient XM error when XM is available” is still happening
  • Portal Scanning: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/9558/portal-scanning#latest
    • Scout Medal – Bronze: 50, Silver: 250, Gold: 1000, Platinum: 3000, Onyx: 6000
    • Is an opt-in feature that allows level 16 & recursed agents in the US to upload portal scans with the following information: recorded images & lighting conditions, time and location of the portal scan, how the mobile device moved during the portal scan and mobile device and camera specs.
    • Multiple portal scans can be taken at each portal.
    • If your account is eligible and your device is supported, you will see a scan portal button after tapping on a portal and tapping edit (the more options icon): https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/ingress/?s=portal-network&f=portal-scanning&p=web
    • Niantic plans to host non-competitive cross-faction walk events to meet with agents, answer questions, and demonstrate how to upload high-quality Portal Scans (details coming soon)
  • Tesselation news


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