79: Special Guest Agent 57Cell, Ficto, and Everything Ingress



Today on the show:

  • March 27 – since about noon (CST) NIA did some backend maintenance starting now and lasting the next few hours. “This may cause increased latency in your Scanner.”
    • They asked to respond to a thread on the community forum (https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/10189/ongoing-backend-updates-may-increase-scanner-latency)
    • Agents reporting being unable to deploy portals and SLOWWWW ness
    • About 4:30 CST – agents getting 503 errors
    • A post said “. . . a note from one of the engineers that Intel Map should be in a better state based on a change they just implemented.” – so Intel might be what they are fixing.
    • About 7pm CST – it loaded quickly and seemed better to me.
  • Agents working on a new decoding challenge?
    • Two pieces left to find?
    • Still waiting on round 8 predictions – in the next day?
  • March 26 – Ingress on Ficto?
    • Incoming Transmission..@ingress (https://twitter.com/ingress?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) @NianticLabs (https://twitter.com/NianticLabs?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw) fans, we even have a sneak peek of our Ingress show for you guys. Happy streaming 😉.— fictoapp (@fictoapp) March 26, 2020 (https://twitter.com/fictoapp/status/1242999455902662657?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw)
    • Early Previews had Errors – Something went wrong – unable to resolve host.
    • Twitter post from Ficto states due to Covid-19 issues the availability on Google Play is delayed.
    • Looks like a Ficto post describes it as “An accidental case of mistaken identity lands two clueless young journalists in the crosshairs of secret agents, cult leaders, and a global conspiracy hidden under the veil of everyday life.”
      • “ . . Empowers viewers to become part of the story”
      • “Secret codes and clues will lead viewers to explore their world and intercept intelligence left by a mole in the series”
  • March 25th – Campaign to Share your Favorite Portals (Niantic Post in Community Forums)
    • Starting now to April 15, 2020, we want to hear about the most interesting Portals you have encountered. Head over to your Portal keys and share a screenshot of your favorite Portal along with a short note on what makes it special.
    • All participants will receive an exclusive passcode that can be redeemed by two Agents. Interesting stories will be reshared on the official Ingress channels. 
    • Include in your post:
      • A screenshot of the Portal key
      • A short note on why it’s special to you
      • Your agent name 
      • Tag it with #myfavePortal
      • [Optional] Intel Map link
    • Share As many as you like starting now to April 15, 2020. Each Agent will receive 1 exclusive passcode regardless of the number of entries shared. 
    • Share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram; pick your favorite. We’ll also be checking the Ingress community if you choose to share there. 
    • The passcode will be sent via email to your Ingress login email associated with the agent name mentioned in the post. 
      • Passcodes will be sent after April 16, 2020. 
    • Anyone charging instead of hacking to keep the sojourner badge alive?
    • How has the 90 second cool down and 16 hack burnout settings affected your inventory?
  • Guest 57Cell – A Solo 6-Layer Homogeneous Field

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