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Today on the show:

  • Ingress Prime Teardown – v2.44.1 – 
    • Thank you Fevenir and all of the folks at FevGames for this article.
    • Source and full article we encourage you to read: https://fevgames.net/ingress-prime-apk-teardown-2-44-1/
  • Battles are coming, and fast.
  •  New variables were added in the game:
    • comm_alert_your_portal_battle_beacon_deployed
    • comm_notification_battle_beacon_deployed
    • comm_header_deployed_battle_beacon
    • comm_preview_deployed_battle_beacon
    • Comm_preview_finished_battle_beacon
  • which shows how battles will be announced on COMM, like Beacons or Frackers.
  •  Battle Beacons! (See attached picture (https://i.imgur.com/KNkRluM.jpg), the two beacons combined) Much larger than regular beacons, might mirror the same functionality as Raid indicators in that game with Pocket Monsters. A NIA version of the beacon seems to exists, perhaps pointing to both player-made and NIA-generated Battles.
    • Scoreboard and rounds are implemented: 6 rounds to be precise, with points per round. What is a round based on? It’s not known (for now).
    •  Rewards (attached to the beacon) and a tutorial were found.
      • Capacity Rewards
      • The string InventoryCapacityReward was spotted in the game. Is this a reward for battles? Paid subscriptions mentioned in the previous teardown? One thing is certain: 2000 items may not be your constraint for long.
  •  POI – Some code was noticed to implement “Sponsor Locations” in the game. It was already a thing in Ingress v1 (AXA, Lawson, …), but their look may change in Ingress Prime. Some of you may already know them from that other game with Pocket Monsters…
  •  Subscription – We’ve heard Niantic members saying to bring them ideas for subscription services in Ingress, and some strings were found that seem to lay down the foundations for those. 
  • Tweaks
    • EnableMapAvatarSound – Yup, the NL1331 van horn (which we all love so much, btw) makes use of this.
    • EnableResonatorNorthIndicator – You guys asked, Niantic may deliver soon!
    • EnableShowOtherMapAvatar – This one is way more interesting: seeing other Avatars on the map? Our colleagues at FevGames say they are not sure what that means. We dream, hope, pray that this is what we are thinking…
  • Van as the Avatar! (Beep Beep)
  • Resembling a SIM card, the new “Access Point exploit” — Apex Boost — temporarily modifies the Ingress Scanner to multiply AP earned for 30 minutes.
    • While Apex is activated, a 30:00 minute timer is visible on the map screen. Returning to the Boost category of the inventory carousel allows Agents to extend Apex for an additional 30:00 minutes, up to 2:00:00 hours. (It isn’t possible to stack multiple Apex 2X concurrently for 4X AP.)
    • Please note that Apex are not hackable XM objects via the Portal Network. One Apex 2X will be added to each NEW ACCESS field kit when Agents level up (L2-8). Apex will also be available to all Agents in the Store.
    • Apex was available in the Store at 0 CMU to Agent accounts older than eight days starting April 1  through April 9.
  • Lots of server updates the back end

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