Brian Rose blogs about Ingress Flashpoints and Anomaly opportunities in 2020

Brian's Blog - Flashpoints and Anomalies - 2020 events

Brian Rose, Producer for Ingress at Niantic Labs has made a new post on the Ingress Community forums about upcoming 2020 Anomalies and events. The things we talked about on the show now make a bit more sense as the Hexathalons appear to be flashpoint events contributing to the overall anomaly score with the anomaly […]

50: Ingress Anomalies – From the mouths of Anomaly POC’s

Tonight on the Agent Academy we are talking all about Ingress anomalies. We are joined by POC’s Agent Tomogram from New Orleans, Agent Lawgeek07 and Agent darknyght00 from Minneapolis. We learn about some of the behind the scenes of what goes on to get an Anomaly event setup and what agents can expect to do […]