Resistance Wins #AbaddonPrime

After a tough fight from both factions, the Resistance are victorious in Chicago, bringing home the win for Abaddon Prime. With the win, there will be a special anomaly badge for resistance, as well as a new glyph, Osiris. The finals score: RES 184.01 – ENL 180.99 It all appears to have come down to […]

Operation: Ko Lan – Video Released with Updated Information

Niantic has released a new video with more details for Operation: Ko Lan. With the video, a new Operation: Ko Lan events page with even more details about the event has been released. Here is the video:   What is Operation: Ko Lan? A new event from Niantic for Agents in Ingress from April 11-15 […]

Alert: Chicago Anomaly Date has changed! Plan Accordingly.

Niantic has announced that the Chicago anomaly set in May of 2019 has had its date changed.  The new date will be May 25th, 2019.    Though the reasoning was left out of the post and they just cited, “Due to circumstances beyond our control”, we believe it is because of some major conferences already […]