62: Myriad Recap w/ Special Guest Host, Resistance Agent DeweyJ

Agent Academy Podcst #62

Today on the show:  Myriad Global Hack Challenge Status Report: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MVpakaZk6X_p8Cog5ZXINp2fOSfSG1DhWiMYeEqvBCk/edit#gid=0 Success – double 8’s/7’s, Quad 5’s/6’s,  4min hack time till August 7th at 5pm UTC: https://t.co/YcXHdDa0gU?amp=1 Rewards Extended 2.5 hours due to a delay in enabling the rewards  Field Trip being retired – Andrew Krug mentioned in his TG channel that the word he […]