October #GlyphChallenge Announced, Enlightened, Resistance

A new #GlyphChallenge has been released. Go out and GLYPH your faction, or both. And post pics of your creations.  Here’s the info from Niantic: We have a special treat for the October #GlyphChallenge! Help us with key XM research by creating the “RESISTANCE” OR “ENLIGHTENED” Glyph (or both if you’re feeling ambitious) during the […]

CAPTURE – August 2018 Glyph Challenge

Each month, Niantic is issuing a new #GLYPHCHALLENGE for Ingress Agents to potentially acquire a passcode for themselves and 19 other agents.  They will pick the top 50 submissions shared on G+ with an image of their work. The challenge runs on the weekend from August 10-12. This month, the glyph is CAPTURE.  You can […]