Fev Games Moves FS Events Towards Mini Anomalies

Fev Games Auto Score Sheet

On January 27th Fev Games released a new version of their score sheet for First Saturday events with a number of new features. A form for agents to paste their stats to speed up check in The ability to select a bonus stat and automatically generate a live leaderboard Volatile Portals to make selected portals […]

Ingress Intel Ops (IntelOps) – Austin, Texas: Recursion Prime

Ingress IntelOps I have been wondering what Intel Ops was about and finally decided to try it out during the Austin, TX Recursion Prime anomaly. This is an event that depending on how well you and your team does, you can earn Intel for the next day’s anomaly.  You will also earn a medal in […]

Ingress Prime Beta NDA has been lifted!

Emails have been sent out today for beta users of prime, Agent, Thank you for your participation in the Ingress Prime Closed Beta. As of today, eligible Phase 3 Agents have started to receive access to the Beta and we’re kicking off our Agent Preview Phase. This means you are relieved of the restrictions of […]