On The Road Again, NL1331 Upcoming Dates


NL-1331 Upcoming Dates 05/11/19 – Fresno, CA, USA 05/12/19 – Sacramento, CA, USA 05/18/19 – Springfield, IL, USA 05/19/19 – Ft. Wayne, IN, USA 05/23/19 – Ann Arbor, MI, USA NL-1331 Event Details Agents, you are officially invited to join us at this unique NL-1331X tour launch event in the Americas. Official Niantic Ingress gear […]

NL – 1331 X Coming to Cassandra Prime

New Events page for the NL-1331X that will be making an appearance in San Diego on 07-28-18 during the Cassandra Prime anomaly. There are supporter kits available but you can go for free if you do not want any of the load out cards or pins. You can register on the Events page:  http://events.ingress.com/NL1331/SD2018 There is […]