74: New Ingress Avatars, Ingress Events & Farewell To Two Vanguards

Episode 74

Today on the show: Diadact Field Challenge: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/from-the-ingress-community-coming-soon-didact-field-challenge/ 4 New Avatars: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/niantic-labs-announces-four-new-ingress-agent-avatars-now-available/ Vintage Akira Tsukasa Medal available for 1 more day as of this recording: https://www.agentacademypodcast.com/ingress-news/niantic-adds-vintage-akira-tsukasa-medal-for-1-week-only/ Two vanguards resigned this past week, First mm207a and then directly on mm207a’s heels, pinesinger – both attribute the resignation to losing the magic of Ingress mostly due to […]

36: 1017pm

It’s a day of Malorting and Blessing the rains. Have a Happy 1017pm DAY!   Listen on iTunes SITREP TOS Update: https://www.nianticlabs.com/terms/en/ KRUG UPDATE: no update on whether this makes iitc now legal. ANIME has started! (or has it) Digital Readiness Bundles have been sent, check your email GORUCK Operation: Clear Field event in Brno […]