The Dunraven Foundation, What We Know So Far

Dunraven Foundation, What We Know So Far Have you been following along with the ARG that is being run?  The Dunraven Foundation? Here is the information we know so far. If you have any additions, please let us know and we will add it to this post. What is an ARG? An alternate reality game (ARG) is […]

Ingress Intel is at a New Address

After the NIA takedown and seizure notice on the website, the intel and events has been moved to a new address: Events:

What’s new with the Ingress Scanner?

A new video released with information on Ingress Prime scanner.  Dr. Oliver-Lynton Wolfe goes over new features in the scanner. Visual Interface Updated 1 Finger Touch Movement Swipe shortcuts for attack, inventory, and comms Quick power cube access Improved onboarding module