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Skyroam’s new service – GoData: $9 per GB for 4G LTE on 300 networks in over 130 countries

Skyroam is one of the Agent Academy’s affiliates. As you know, we get affiliates that have benefits for our listeners. Things we believe in, and use ourse...

Get Those Uniques WIth the Go Card

Explorer Medal + Anomaly Season + GO Card discount = WIN

Explorer & Pioneer Medals **This post contains affiliate links and the Agent Academy will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on affiliate ...

Ingress News

Ingress: The Animation – News & New Video

ROUGHLY TRANSLATED Information from Ban lifting of “awakening” PV of TV animation “Ingres”. The ani...Read More

Ingress Update to Fix iOS 12 Issues

A new Ingress update is available for iOS users in the app store. Version 1.133.0 of Ingress fixes the issues that was plaguing iPhone users after iOS was updat...Read More

OPR 1 Star Update

The OPR Has been updated. When you report a portal as a 1 star, you will be given options as to why you think it should be a 1 star. If there is no option, you ...Read More

Fix for iOS 12 coming, SOON!

iPhone users REJOICE! In an announcement today, Niantic Labs announced that they are working on the fix to make Ingress compatible with iOS 12. If you have an i...Read More

What Makes a High Quality Portal Submission? Learn from PokéStop Nominations

Recently, Niantic released the PokéStop nominations for Pokémon Go players. As part of it, they have created a new page letting players know what makes a good P...Read More

Florence Y’all, The Ingress Community Helping Out

Here is an earlier post from Enlightened Today which we thought should be passed on.  Everyone stay safe and ask for help if you need it. Get out of the way of ...Read More

Niantic’s VP of Marketing hosts AMA on Reddit

You can read the entire reddit post here: Happy 20th Birthday Google (September 4, 1998). I was a part of Keyhole and the launch of Google Maps and Google Earth...Read More

September AMA will be on the 10th!

Get your questions prepped! Andrew Krug has announced that due to the Holiday, the September AMA will be held on Monday the 10th! Great news and we can’t ...Read More

Get CREATIVE (ity) With The September #GLYPHCHALLENGE

This month’s #GlyphChallenge is CREATIVITY.  You might know it is, ZED, or Z or Handlebars! What do you call this glyph? There’s no telling since it...Read More

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