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Skyroam’s new service – GoData: $9 per GB for 4G LTE on 300 networks in over 130 countries

Skyroam is one of the Agent Academy’s affiliates. As you know, we get affiliates that have benefits for our listeners. Things we believe in, and use ourse...

Get Those Uniques WIth the Go Card

Explorer Medal + Anomaly Season + GO Card discount = WIN

Explorer & Pioneer Medals **This post contains affiliate links and the Agent Academy will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on affiliate ...

Ingress News

Ingress 6 year anniversary

Sixth Anniversary / Double AP Event

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of Ingress, Agents will gain double AP and be able to deploy two L7/L8 Resonators, up to 4 Mods per Agent, and the normally 5...Read More

New Ingress Youtube Series

Various videos from the story line to how to level up quickly are now in a playlist on Niantic’s Ingress YouTube channel. You can view them below.

First Saturdays #FS

New Medal for First Saturday Events #FS

Andrew Krug has repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to further support FS events and it appears it’s happening! You can now get a tiered medal for attendi...Read More

Niantic Listens to Vocal Agents and is Removing Certain Items From Store

In an announcement on the Ingress G+ page, Niantic says they are removing certain items from the new bundles on the store, such as Aegis and Level 7 and 8 items...Read More

Scanner [REDACTED] Unpublished, Available in Google Play store

We told you recently about a new app that will replace the original Ingress app for agents that have upgraded to the Prime scanner.  It’s called, “S...Read More

It’s that time of the month! Ask Krug Anything. November 2018

I have a prediction. There will be some questions about the bundles in the Ingress store. Anyways, head on over and ask your own question. More

Limited Time Item in the Ingress Store – All the Beacons

You can get all the beacons in a beacons bundle in the Ingress store for a limited time.  Cost is 9600 CMU which is roughly $6.50 USD.

Ingress Prime, Released – Restart at Level 1 & New Items in the Store

It’s out!  Available in the store for download or update. You WILL lose access to version 1, until “Scanner [REDACTED]” is released, which sho...Read More

Ingress Animation Release Date Points to Prime Release

Originally the Ingress Anime was supposed to be released at the same time as Ingress 2.0, the Prime Scanner. Almost sounds like a movie. And then, things got re...Read More