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Skyroam’s new service – GoData: $9 per GB for 4G LTE on 300 networks in over 130 countries

Skyroam is one of the Agent Academy’s affiliates. As you know, we get affiliates that have benefits for our listeners. Things we believe in, and use ourse...

Get Those Uniques WIth the Go Card

Explorer Medal + Anomaly Season + GO Card discount = WIN

Explorer & Pioneer Medals **This post contains affiliate links and the Agent Academy will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on affiliate ...

Ingress News

Register for Darsana Prime

Registrations are now live for Darsana Prime! Agent GoonieGuy will be heading to New Orleans, and Atlanta so if you’re going t...Read More

Ingress Prime v. 2.15.1 Release Notes

Bug: Fixed an issue where AP was not being awarded during certain steps in Agent Primer Bug: Added support for the Android back button during parts of the Agent...Read More

Ingress Upgrades OPR with Upgrades!

Lightning strikes! And an Upgrade has been made to OPR. In beta for many, but adding more to the pool every day. So check back soon to OPR. What is it? UPGRADES...Read More

First AMA of the Year!

Andrew Krug, the Global Community Manager for Niantic is asking for your questions! Head on over to the G+ post and ask anything you’ve been curious about...Read More

#FS Events – January 2019

Check the map below and find an FS event near you!  

Ingress Prime Update Incoming

Niantic announced an update to Ingress Prime which includes some interesting changes, as well as quite a few bug fixes.  Before you read the changes, remember t...Read More

Mission Day at Sea!

Don’t get left on the docks!  Sign up for the first ever Ingress Mission Day at Sea! More information to come once the website/faq are live! You can read ...Read More

November #GlyphChallenge – PURE

Niantic had announced the glyph challenge for November. During the days November 23-25 create something using the pure glyph and share it on social media and ge...Read More

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