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3 Month Campaign Celebrating 50 Years of Rivers & Trails

Niantic announced a new campaign with the National Park Foundation, celebrating 50 years of Rivers & Trails. By sending in a postcard, either physically or digitally on Instagram with details on y...Read More

October #GlyphChallenge Announced, Enlightened, Resistance

A new #GlyphChallenge has been released. Go out and GLYPH your faction, or both. And post pics of your creations.  Here’s the info from Niantic: We have a special treat for the October #GlyphCha...Read More

Interview with Carrie Campbell at Linz

Video interview with Carrie Campbell from Linz was posted on youtube.

iPhone X fixed in latest Ingress Update

iPhone X users have some good news today! From the Ingress Twitter: We’ve released an update to Ingress that addresses the iPhone X notch and has adjustments for screen resolution on retina devi...Read More

EBL World Cup Division Placement

Special Episode of the Agent Academy Podcast where we fill the division slots for the EBL World Cup Live. This is an Enlightened centric episode and we’d be glad to do the same for a Resistance ...Read More

Recursion Prime Day 1 Registration Now Live

Adventurer and explorer Hank Johnson needs you. In order to avoid losing his memories, he needs to collect the Recursion Artifacts. One of these artifacts will appear and be claimed by the winner of t...Read More

Ingress: The Animation – News & New Video

ROUGHLY TRANSLATED Information from https://www.twitter.com/IngressAnime Ban lifting of “awakening” PV of TV animation “Ingres”. The animation image of this work will be releas...Read More

Ingress Update to Fix iOS 12 Issues

A new Ingress update is available for iOS users in the app store. Version 1.133.0 of Ingress fixes the issues that was plaguing iPhone users after iOS was updated to 12. There are some reports that th...Read More

OPR 1 Star Update

The OPR Has been updated. When you report a portal as a 1 star, you will be given options as to why you think it should be a 1 star. If there is no option, you should report as a 2 star, and possibly ...Read More

Fix for iOS 12 coming, SOON!

iPhone users REJOICE! In an announcement today, Niantic Labs announced that they are working on the fix to make Ingress compatible with iOS 12. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should still hold off...Read More

What Makes a High Quality Portal Submission? Learn from PokéStop Nominations

Recently, Niantic released the PokéStop nominations for Pokémon Go players. As part of it, they have created a new page letting players know what makes a good PokéStop nomination. With visuals and exa...Read More

Florence Y’all, The Ingress Community Helping Out

Here is an earlier post from Enlightened Today which we thought should be passed on.  Everyone stay safe and ask for help if you need it. Get out of the way of Florence and take shelter. Look to your ...Read More

Niantic’s VP of Marketing hosts AMA on Reddit

You can read the entire reddit post here: Happy 20th Birthday Google (September 4, 1998). I was a part of Keyhole and the launch of Google Maps and Google Earth and wrote a book about it. AMA. from r/...Read More

September AMA will be on the 10th!

Get your questions prepped! Andrew Krug has announced that due to the Holiday, the September AMA will be held on Monday the 10th! Great news and we can’t wait to see and hear all the great quest...Read More

Get CREATIVE (ity) With The September #GLYPHCHALLENGE

This month’s #GlyphChallenge is CREATIVITY.  You might know it is, ZED, or Z or Handlebars! What do you call this glyph? There’s no telling since it looks like a Z taking a nap. It’s...Read More

ALERT: Reports of Ingress Not Working in Beta Version iOS 12

Some agents using the beta version of Apple’s iOS are reporting that Ingress no longer works. This is possibly attributed to the end of support for RoboVM the engine that the iOS version of Ingr...Read More

Cassandra Prime Scoreboard

While Investigate.Ingress is down, there is an alternative scoreboard. which you can find at: https://gdoc.pub/sheet/1uGniHPtXGIAq0C769jWr1S9WjvqzzrdcVefQYX7Q600#gid=0

Andrew’s, August AMA Answers are Available

With enough A’s to graduate from Harvard, we’ve come up with a title for this month’s AMA’s answers. No need to do anything further, except for post a link to the answers, and ...Read More

The Real Time Story has begun… Find the Passcodes

On the http://ingressanime.com/ website, a page has been released: http://ingressanime.com/realtime_story/ in it they have announced that there are fragments of the story out there that we need to fin...Read More

Level 8 Day – Double AP & Double Deploy on L7 / L8 – GO NOW

Posted on G+ : Agents, In celebration of Level 8 day starting at 17:00 UTC on AUG 7 and running through 05:00 UTC on AUG 9 everyone will be able to earn 2x AP and L8 and L7 resonators will deploy twic...Read More

Episode Show Notes

35: Ahoy!! Agent Academy Walks the Plank

Ahoy, Mateys! Are ye ready fer th’ show today, agents? Straight from Davey Jones’ Locker, Captain ZeliBeli, Swashbuckler s0h0 ‘n Raconteur Goo...

34: How to Balance Ingress and Family #IngressLifestyle

Agent ZeliBeli is back from vacation and we discuss trying to balance family vacation and Ingress time. Agent s0h0 releases his BioCard and Agent GoonieGuy make...

33: It’s a Cassandra Prime Party

Cassandra Prime is over and we talk about a Prime Party, The final score, and what’s up next. Don’t forget all of your #ingress ideas in #WhatsInThe...

32: Cassandra Prime, Take Two

Two weeks of Ingress discussion packed into an hour episode! Agents ZeliBeli, s0h0 & GoonieGuy talk about new ideas for the scanner, the upcoming anomaly, N...

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