58: Android Q, Minecraft Earth, Ingress Lore and Abaddon

Today on the show: Using Android Q? Better use Prime for now [LINK] Updated Ingress Prime [LINK] Minecraft Earth [LINK] Enoch and Carrie Campbell dead? [LINK] Memo from nemesis suggests they are not dead, but trapped in shards [LINK] Dunraven #25 released – Calvin’s Welcome [LINK] YouTube Memberships  [LINK] Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify […]

Resistance Tie Up The Abaddon Prime Series with Win in Amsterdam.

All Roads Lead to Chicago! After a close fight in Amsterdam, The Resistance win the day, even after the Enlightened used a Darsana Lens to try and pull out a win. So, it all comes down to Chicago. Will you be there? Be sure to find Agent GoonieGuy and get some trading cards, buttons and […]

56: Abaddonomaly – Ingress discussion in an over-sized XM laden episode.

Agent Academy Podcast #56

Today on the show: Abaddon Prime, Week 1 – KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN – Res: 152.93 / ENL: 212.07 Ingress Prime Update v. 2.22 UI fixes UX – Startup loads faster Bug Fixes – POI nomination process Next – Linking & Link visibility, in-app support, map readability in sunlight, app stability, bux fixes & parity Exclusive […]

Osiris Sequence Posted, Bucharest NOT cut from lineup!

Niantic released the list of which anomalies are going to be grouped together in an easy to digest chart.  They did forget to put Bucharest on it, but edited their post with confirmation that it was a mistake, and not intentional.  Because Bucharest WILL cut you.  So good catch there.  Stitches are no fun. Cassandra […]