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Harry Potter Wizards Unite has posted a First Look at the new game:

With some of the similar features we know from Ingress and Pokemon Go, you will be using your phone to explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Casting spells to deal with Chaotic Magic surrounding foundables which are things from the wizarding world appearing in the muggle world. Artifacts, creatures, people, memories and more.

Returning these Foundables back to the magical realm, you will gain rewards that are tracked in the registry.

Casting spells appear to be glyph hacking, so if you are planning on playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, then you should practice up on your glyphing if you don’t already!

This is also another reason why it would behoove Ingress agents to move to Prime and embrace it. The faster Niantic can move to the new backend, the faster we can be benefitting from all the coding going into Pokemon Go and HP:WU. There appears to be a deep skill/attribute system in Wizards Unite that could be quite interesting in Ingress.

There is a great write up on TechCrunch with much more information in detail:

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