Are you planning on playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Do you want to use the codename you are currently using in Pokemon Go or in Ingress? Then you can go now and reserve your name for when Wizards Unite goes live. Once reserved, the name will stay reserved for up to 6 months after the release of Niantic Labs and Warner bros. new augmented reality game. They are publishing it together under the company, Port Key games.

There is one caveat to this process. It is first come first serve. So if you have the name in one game, and another user has the name in another, the first person to submit the request will be the one who gets it.

There is also the possibility of people breaking the TOS and starting a new email account and creating a user in the game you don’t use, creating a new account using your name, and then applying for the name reservation in Harry Potter. So, submit it asap or create an account in the other game using your name handle to safeguard you.

Here is the link you need to go to:

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