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    Agent Dewey J

    I am not sure if I missed something so this may already have been proposed or talked about.
    What if prime is it’s own game in it’s own dimension existing in a parallel universe? Prime players may use the same portals as the original scanner is right now. Using the original Ingress scanner a portal might be captured by Dewey J is level 6 and have 3 links into it. But look at the Ingress Prime map and scanner and that same portal may be captured by GoonieGuy and has one resonator on it. (Sad) Just like PoGo uses the same portal network, Prime may use the same locations for portals but show you a different status of the portals. There may even be some Prime only portals and some legacy only portals. Prime could have it’s own rules, it’s own game play etc. No need to reset the original portal network or even retire the original Ingress scanner. You start with a blank slate of portals in Prime without having to do a “reset”. Those who want to continue with the original Ingress can keep playing and those who want to go Prime can just play Prime. You want to be a total Ingress-a-holic? Run two phones- one running the original and one running Prime! Eventually I would guess Niantic would make the original scanner “legacy” and stop supporting it and let it die away slowly, but legacy players could make the switch to Prime if they want to keep going. Players could play resistance in one version and enlightened in the other with no problem since the universes are not the same.
    except . .
    I am sure someone will want to have a “When Universes Collide” event and mix the two in some crazy wild event. Crap – think about an inter-dimensional shard event that jumps from the Prime universe to the Legacy universe and you have to get it from Huntsville to Chicago! What kind of fresh hell would that be to plan a shards op with two separate teams that are on the same side but in different universes?
    My head hurts.
    Thanks guys – love the show!

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