Agents have been chosen for the 2018 Olympiad!  It will be held on June 23rd, 2018 and will be live streamed on NicoNicoLive, where you must have a login to watch the live stream.  You might want to go ahead and create an account to make sure you are ready to view the live stream.  Here is the page for the stream:




The previous live stream is located here:  (You need a premium account to watch previously recorded streams)

Agent Olympiad — a unique event featuring 30 Agents from each Faction testing their resolve, skill, stamina and teamwork in a series of Ingress related challenges. The event was created by Akira Tsukasa so that she could study the ways in which effective Agents evolve and collaborate. She claims she will use the data to improve the methods use for training field agents

Here is the list of Agents:


Screenshot from scanner of - Mission: Agent Olympiad @Fujikyu Highland+DSdog


+ bamboocyt
+ Kayatoshi
+ Pechonyan


#Agentolympiad2018  #INGRESS


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