It looks like the enlightened have won the NIA Cities portion of the Kureze Effect event for phase one.  Although the final report is not available at this time the posted NIA cities battle results has the enlightened with 831,120 points to the resistance 737,310 points.  That suggests that the enlightened will win the cities portion in phase one by 93,810 points – a 11% margin of victory.  

In the agent deployed battles at 12:30 UTC on 1-23-22 the resistance was ahead by a score of 204,756 to 195,226.  With the reported cities score and the agent deployed scores together the enlightened still has a 84,320 point lead.  The question remains – can the resistance make up the deficit with wins in the agent deployed battles from 12:30 UTC to the end of the event at 11:00 on Monday, 1-24-22?

There is still Kureze Effect phase two in February and phase three in March so either faction can get those battle beacon wins and swing the final score.  YOU agent can take part in 10 battle beacons during the three phases and earn your Kureze badge to add to your anomaly badges.

For more information on the Kureze Effect event read the Kureze Effect – the Formation / Phase 1 – FAQs post.
For the scores for Phase one consult Kureze Effect – the Formation / Phase 1 – Final Report
(Note – at the time of this posting the final report is not available since phase one of the event has not ended yet.)

Phase One NIA Cities Scores

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