The Enlightened won the NIA city deployed rare battle beacon events 841,910 to 737,310.  As predicted the Resistance won the phase one Kureze Effect agent deployed battle beacons 317,323 to 305,752.  So in the overall phase one score the Enlightened took the win 1,147,662 to 1,054,663 (by 93,029 or 8%).  The Resistance scored well in Europe and the Enlightened who historically do well in APAC during past anomalies did well there this weekend as well.  It looks like the Americas made the difference with Enlightened scoring some large victories in San Diego, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minneapolis and Atlanta.  (DeweyJ blames Goonie Guy for the Atlanta win – even if Goonie was not there.)  The America cities were split about half for Res and half for Enl but the margin of victories in the Enl wins really made the difference since the base scores in those battles were worth 10 times the base scores for the agent deployed battles.  Once again the key to winning an event is really understanding the event and how scoring works and then using that to the advantage of the faction.

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