Lightning strikes! And an Upgrade has been made to OPR.

In beta for many, but adding more to the pool every day. So check back soon to OPR.

What is it? UPGRADES is a new tab in OPR that keeps track of your agreements moving forward, and for every 100 agreements, you will get a priority applied to one of your portal submissions, automatically.

You can only have 10 Upgrade rewards saved up, so if you don’t have any portal submissions, you will not gain any more until you have used 1.

This only puts you up in the queue for getting your portal submission looked at and has nothing to do with forgiving the OPR criteria for acceptable portals.

And though you can’t technically select which portal this is applied to, if you only have 1 portal in review, it will go to that one.

You can check to see if you have access and start accumulating upgrade agreements right here:

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