New Medal for First Saturday Events #FS



Andrew Krug has repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to further support FS events and it appears it’s happening! You can now get a tiered medal for attending First Saturday (FS) events. The Tiers are Bronze -1, Silver – 6, Gold – 12, Platinum – 24, Onyx – 36. So, if you can get to a FS event every month for 3 years, you can obtain the Onyx badge.

This is a great thing to add to Ingress and along with the guidelines for setting up the event, we will hopefully see more events in the future.

The Agent Academy is looking to do an #FS in the upcoming year in Huntsville, and possibly a Mission Day.

You can see more about the requirements and what is involved with Hosting or Attending a First Saturday event in this google doc: 



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