Screenshot of Ingress++

Niantic Labs has filed a lawsuit against a group of hackers known as Global++ seeking a preliminary injunction against Global++ to stop them from distributing the apps and stop any work reverse engineering Niantic’s games, which include Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Though it doesn’t appear they have a version for Ingress, it is clear that the ability is there and hopefully this will send a clear signal to people using, building or planning such tools in the future.

Update: After posting this article, we had numerous confirmations that they do or did in fact have an Ingress++ version available as well. You can find traces in the code on their website and their FAQ, so hopefully this will impact spoofers as well, though it’s not yet known if individual users will be discernible. We did find the image below and previous confirmation from the developers that it was released over 8 months ago:


Who is Global++?

Global ++ is a group that creates versions of GPS aps to help players cheat the game. Listed as, “iOS Spoofing Tweaks & Apps”, they have apparently built versions of these games that have the built in capability of walking anywhere, teleporting, favorite a location and helping with enhanced throwing. For a little bit more money you can up your subscription to gain access to feeds with information about raids, Incubator alerts and many features are already listed for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Current versions available from Global++ Include:

And rumored to already have a version for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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