Just saw an email that is being passed around.  Thanks to Agent @gnaggi who submitted this in our Telegram channel today.   But it appears that bad submissions to the OPR are being met with emails warning the offenders of possible bans if they continue to try and add crappy portal candidates to the network.  It is yet unknown if this is from repeated failed portal submissions or if they are extreme cases of people trying to add their Army of Darkness poster hanging above their tv to the portal network.  Either way, Hail to the King baby.

Here’s the full email:


We have confirmed that your recent New Portal submissions violate our Candidate Portal criteria. If this behaviour continues, the NIA will put a hold on your account.

Please refer to the Ingress Terms of Service and the Candidate Portal criteria. We also suggest you to review our Agent Protocol.

Thank you,

Niantic Support

So, what do you think about this step in the process?  What do you think would make portal submissions better? Do you think there is a possibility of abuse with this? Let us know!  We’ll be talking about this on the show live, this wed night!

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  1. Not sure this is all it appears at first glance. Some doubt has been cast over whether it’s a genuine Niantic email – UK spelling of ‘behaviour’ rather than the US version ‘behavior’, referring to themselves as ‘the NIA’…

    Will we ever get confirmation or otherwise directly from Niantic?

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